Get Hyped—Here's Everything We Know About Tati Westbrook's Halo Beauty Line So Far

It seems like everyone from celebrities to makeup artists have launched beauty brands—so why should YouTubers stray away from starting their own? While the Paul brothers probably won’t be competing against Kylie’s lip kits anytime soon (thankfully), YouTube makeup guru Tati Westbrook’s Halo Beauty line is debuting soon (in less than a day). While Westbrook has a ticker countdown to her inaugural beauty line, here’s what we already know about her launch:

Halo Beauty isn’t going to be a typical beauty brand.

Westbrook started her journey as a beauty vlogger, where she’s tested and reviewed hundreds of products from luxury foundations to affordable drugstore products, seven years ago, initially beginning her YouTube career during a time when she was unemployed. 

Because Westbrook has spent years comparing beauty products and trying bizarre beauty gadgets and giving honest advice about what expensive beauty items are worth the hype, she has extensive experience with a variety of beauty commodities. That's also why Halo Beauty will likely host a hybrid of products. In Westbrook’s YouTube video that announces her brand, she explains that Halo Beauty is “neither” a skincare nor beauty line.

Even the name of Westbrook’s beauty line promotes inclusivity.

In her official announcement video, Westbrook also explains the meaning behind Halo Beauty: “To me Halo Beauty means that everyone is included. Everyone is under a halo. Everyone is thought of, and no one is left out,” Westbrook says. After Fenty beauty launched its remarkably inclusive foundation shades, it’s no wonder that upcoming brands (like Halo Beauty) are also aiming to cater to every beauty lover.

Halo Beauty isn’t just about conventional beauty. Beyond traditional beauty products like skincare and makeup, Westbrook’s company will also sell vitamins.

After all, vitamins are essential for keeping your beauty body healthy. Bustle reveals that Westbrook will include a Hair, Skin, Nails Booster as one of the first products. The Beauty Booster is designed to help support your skin’s health, which will obviously help your overworked skincare regime. Plus, this Beauty Booster is also vegan-friendly, according to Plant Based News. In fact, the whole line will be cruelty, as Westbrook explains in her Q&A video.

While Revelist notes that fans had mixed reactions about the vitamin release, Westbrook reassured her fans by saying, "I wanted something that would actually deliver you results that you would look in the mirror and you would see a difference." After all, we'd rather have a sensational product that works rather than another over-hyped moisturizer any day. (And we really should start taking take more vitamins.)

Although Westbrook is opening her line with supplements meant to make your body feel good (that will also help support your outward beauty), Halo Beauty will also sell traditional skincare and makeup products, someday.

Aside from bolstering Westbrook’s success and net worth, Halo Beauty will obviously cater to Westbrook’s fans. In a Q&A video about the upcoming brand, Westbrook actually scrolled through tons of her followers’ questions and critiques. Because she’s willing to tune in to her viewers (and post vlogs five times a week), it shows that she’s eager to please her consumers.

Whatever products Halo Beauty inevitably sells, we’re just excited to see that after several years of reviewing other brands, Tati is finally starting her own.

(ImageTati Westbrook / YouTube)