These 10 Most Pinned Festival Hair Styles Are Still Trendy, FYI

I love all things festival season for the music, but everyone knows they're also an excuse to wear anything and everything extra, boho and glittery. Hairstyles over the past few years have evolved from dainty flower crowns to fully bejeweled hair and everything in between. With Coachella here and more music festivals happening through the end of summer, I'm here to fully arm you with all the most popular, head-turning looks on Pinterest.

All you need is braid-ready fingers, a can (or three) of hairspray, and all the glitter you can muster. 

  1. 1. Space Buns

    If there are two things that sum up festival hair, they are definitely: space buns and all that sparkles. Put them all together in one look? Vanessa Hudgens is shaking.

  2. 2. Half-Up Braids

    The half up, half down is a timeless style, and it'll keep hair out of your face so you can sing and dance the weekend away. Add a few intricate braids for that spring vibe (and glitter if you feel like it, because why not?).

  3. 3. Double Buns

    Double up on the messy buns for a twist on a classic look. Add some loose waves and texturizing spray, then pick out little face-framing pieces for a tousled, beachy look.

  4. 4. Chunky Braids

    Similar to French braids, Dutch braids start at your roots. Instead of crossing your left and right strands over the middle, crossing them under will give you a nice plait. Just sit them atop your head to pull apart and fluff.

  5. 5. Bubble Braid

    This style is for the girls that want to put minimal effort into their hair looks. Pull your hair back into a half-up style, then simply add more hair ties down the strand. Pull apart the pieces between the hair ties until you’ve made your “bubble” effect.

  6. 6. Bubble Pigtails

    Another very simple, yet totally festival worthy ‘do is bubble pigtails. Tie off your hair with an elastic every few inches, then fluff up the bubble sections. You'll want to keep some hairspray nearby so the bubbles stay put all day!

  7. 7. Messy & Pastel

    Throw some temporary color in your hair with a product like Splat Hair Chalk. With pastel hair, you can pretty much get away with any style to look festival ready.

  8. 8. Half-Up Pigtails

    Separate the crown of your hair as you would in a regular half-up style, then split it into two sections. Tie each section off high on your head for this playful, springy look.

  9. 9. Decorations Galore

    Nothing says music festival like adding accessories to your hair. For something simple, start with a French braid and add in flowers and hoops periodically as you make your way down.

  10. 10. Braided Half-Up Pigtails

    Add French braids to each side of your head, but leave pieces out below the braid as you go. Tie them off high on your head to get bouncing pigtails.

You can’t go wrong when it comes to braids, buns or half-up styles for festival hair. When in doubt, add texture and don’t forget the glitter!