This $15 Lip Gloss Hydrates Without Being Gross & Sticky

In 2019, the conversation around skincare has become more complicated. Is it self care? Is it capitalism? Is it all an elaborate, expensive lie, or is it 100% essential to our self-love and confidence? Each week in Face Mask & Chill, I keep it simple by diving into one product that I just really, truly enjoy, whether because it helps me feel ~more zen~ or because it just, like, works.

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This week on Face Mask & Chill: Patchology Lip Service Gloss-to-Balm Treatment​ 

You don't realize how much you need a damn good lip balm until you're without them. I love a meme about losing your lip balm as much as the next person, but god, it's really SUCH A TERRIBLE FEELING. As a result, I have balms of all sorts in every bag, bookbag, and suitcase that I own. What I'm starting to learn, though, is that, unfortunately, not all balms are made equally. I feel like in my ~youth~ I could reach for any cake-flavored lip balm that was just hanging out nearby and my mouth would be relatively fine. Now that I'm getting older (helloooo 20s) my lips need way more upkeep.

Super scented products have started to irritate my mouth. It sucks, because I really like when my mouth smells sugary-sweet. Too, certain formulas have led to me straight up breaking out around my lips, which can be really painful and uncomfortable. As such, I've had to toss most of my usual go-tos (RIP, cupcake-lips) and seek out more grown up options.

Enter Patchology's lip treatment.

Here's what's so cool about this: it's both a gloss and a balm. When I think lip gloss, I still think of the truly horrible like, $3 glosses that my friends and I used in middle school that made our hair stick to our mouths and made our faces just look kind of slimey. Patchology uses FlexMasque Complex, which seems to be a fancy, branded way of saying that their gloss/balm combo will both hydrate your lips while making it glisten, and it really, truly works.

I've started keeping this on me 24/7, and while at $15 it might feel a bit pricey, it lasts for AGES, and hasn't caused any sort of bumps, irritation, or general lip dustiness. I'll take it.

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Here are a few other lip balms I recommend.

1. Milk Makeup's Kush Balm

Milk Makeup, Sephora, $16; shop now 

2. Kopari Coconut Lip Scrub

Kopari, Sephora, $16; shop now 

3. Smith's Strawberry Lip Balm Tin

Rosebud Perfume Co., Ulta, $7; shop now

Be everyone's favorite BFF by always being the friend with the lip balm. Whether you're a lip-balm-tin kinda gal, or you like to have something with a bit more ~sparkle~, just remember to buy multiples. Please. Your lips, and your friends' lips, will thank you. 

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