The Best Bangs For Your Face Shape

There’s nothing quite like hitting an ideal style note by achieving bangin’ bangs. The right kind of fringe seems to effortlessly strike the perfect balance between sweet and sexy. But as we collegiettes know, finding that ideal cut is anything but effortless. In fact, it can be straight up frustrating. However, Celebrity Stylist and salon owner Angelo David explains getting that perfect bang is all about adding dimension. “What this means,” he says, “is finding the right type of bang to balance the strong and soft features of your shape.” With a few simple guidelines and a little bit of courage, you can be well on your way to finally getting that summer statement fringe!


Your defined jaw and forehead are approximately the same width.

Complimenting your natural beauty is easy; softening the face is key, and there’s no chicer way to do so than by going for full-out fringe like Nicole Richie’s old 'do. A blunt bang that gradually becomes longer at the sides works best for your shape because it frames the cheekbones. As Angelo David advises, “faces with prominent edge should opt for bangs that will balance the strong features,” which is exactly what Ashley Weinaug, former HC Campus Correspondent at University of South Florida, has done. Her bold, heavy bangs taper off at the edges, framing those high cheekbones and creating a feminine feel!


Your forehead is the widest part of your face, and the shape gradually becomes narrower through to your chin.

There’s a lot to love about heart-shaped faces. Think Reese Witherspoon; her hair always looks fabulous, but her bangs are what make the look! Celebrity stylist Hasblady Guzman says, “It’s cute to have a very straight across bang,” and we couldn’t agree more; heavy fringe is totally cute and on-trend, and the arched bang is an adorable variation of the traditional blunt style. Just check out Jessica Napoli from Bucknell University; her subtly arched bangs elongate the face while framing her eyes and cheekbones.


The width of your jaw and forehead are approximately the same, and the contours of your face are generally proportional, like Jessica Alba below.

Since your face is the most balanced of all shapes, bangs are your best friend. You can pull off virtually any style, so have fun with your fringe! Get a versatile cut by asking for wispy bangs that hit just below your brows and subtly become longer toward the ends. You can boldly wear them straight across or sweep them to the side for a sweet look. You can also opt for soft side fringe, like Jessica Pawlarczyk, former HC Campus Correspondent at Vanderbilt University. It doesn’t overpower her balanced facial features, but it’s just bold enough to make a serious style statement!


You have a higher forehead and slim facial contours.

Your gorgeous, long features are undoubtedly enviable, and to balance out the proportions, bangs are key. You can’t be shy, either; heavy fringe looks smokin’ hot on you. As Hasblady Guzman suggests, ask your stylist to “do a triangle shape at the top of the head, framing the fringe all around.” This creates body that will add gorgeous fullness to your look, creating an extra modern one just like Alyssa Milano’s. No need to be intimidated, either. Check out how Bee Keeler from Princeton University flawlessly pulls off this cut! Her bangs work to balance out a higher forehead while calling attention to her eyes.


You have a generally circular face structure and a soft jawline.

When contemplating hairstyles, remember that elongating your face is your goal. Try to avoid blunt, straight across bangs that take away from your gorgeous bone structure, and instead opt for side swept bangs like the ones Cameron Diaz rocks. As Guzman explains, “cut the roundness and bring more attention to a beautiful eye or cheekbone and help diminish the roundness.” Lauren Gill, former HC Campus Correspondent at Haverford College, is spot-on; her adorable side fringe falls perfectly along her face to emphasize those enviable cheekbones!

How are you rockin’ your bangs? Tell us below!

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