Bella Thorne Hinted At Her New Make-up Line & We're Dying to Know When It's Launching

In recent beauty news, eccentric style icon Bella Thorne has hinted on Instagram that she will be launching her own make-up line. Who doesn’t love the sound of that?

There is nothing better than new launches in the beauty industry considering the many different skin types, price ranges, colors and overall make-up aesthetics we have in our world.

Thorne teased on a recent Instagram post the coming of her new lipstick when a fan commented on her post: "My upcoming make-up line!" she said.

Cue the angels and hallelujah choir singing!

All we know so far from Hello Giggles and Instagram is that lipsticks are in the picture and hopefully other future products too.

Based on her stunning selfie, the lipstick looks to be a matte formula with a beautiful berry, mauve tone. We know Thorne is a total make-up geek, no pun intended, so we have high hopes for her newest business venture.

Now it’s time to put the investigative goggles on honeys, because her caption was a simple but short "burning up." Could this be the name of the first lipstick she is launching? Right now it's a total guessing game but we will be sure to keep you in the loop!