8 Gorgeous Ways to Style Naturally Curly Hair

Natural curls can be a handful at times—literally—but they are so gorgeous. We want to rock the curly hair 24/7 but sometimes having the same hairstyle every day can get old, especially if you're stuck on what to do with it! Have no fear, we've collected some of the most stunning hairstyles you can do with you natural curls, ranging from minimal to extreme effort.

Totally Natural

Timeless and effortlessly chic. Natural curls can look amazing, especially if you have the right products. Try out DevaCurl if you haven't already—it works for all types of curls! 

Romantic Up-do 

Cute, simple (...enough), and versatile. Wear it to class, wear it out at night, and definitely feel free to embellish it.

Statement Piece

On the topic of embellishments... a statement piece goes a long way. For this look, first sweep your hair to the side, attach an oversized clip, and most importantly, enjoy compliments. 

High Half-Ponytail

This style is perfect for our curly- and wavy-haired collegiettes. Just bring half of your hair into a high ponytail and let your curls do the rest!

Bow-tifully Chic

Let's jazz up the basic bun and create it into a bow bun. How cool is this? The written explanation sounds crazy hard, but watching the video shows that it isn't too time-consuming. Maybe this will even replace your basic top knot.

Braided Crown

Crowns are definitely not just for princesses and you don't need it to be made out of diamonds, although we wouldn't complain if it were! For this look, make a big section starting from one temple and create a loose braid until you hit your opposite ear. Use bobby pins to keep it in place. For a looser crown, just pull apart the braid.

Top Bun

We love buns; they're simple, fun and so easy to do. Instead of the standard bun, use just half of your hair... and don't forget to work it!

Voluptuous and Lifted

If this isn't on your hair goals list, then you're doing it wrong! These curls are wonderful and the secret lies in curl cream, diffuser and curling wand. On damp hair, use your favorite curl cream throughout your hair. When diffusing your hair, make sure to do it from all directions: upside down and from the sides to get the volume. When you're done, use a curling wand to define some of your curls, especially the ones around your face!

Collegiettes, how do you style your curly hair?