7 Instagrammers to Follow When You Need Unapologetic Body Hair Inspo

Every one of us eventually reached that part of puberty where we were handed a razor and a can of shaving cream for the first time. And most likely, the vast majority of us shaved off our first signs of body hair without questioning why—it’s just what you do. But it doesn’t have to be.

Body hair positivity should be a bigger part of the body positivity movement than it currently is; it’s all about embracing the way we naturally look and grow, and refusing to apologize for it. But when all the posters or commercials you see feature hairless women with smooth, “perfect” bodies, it can be hard to remember that your leg hair isn’t evil...or ugly. Luckily, some on the internet have taken up the quest to remind us all that it’s normal and perfectly acceptable to have body hair. Check out these Instagrammers for some body hair positivity that can hopefully inspire you to stop worrying so much about whether or not your legs are prickly.

1. Morgan Mikenas (@i_am_morgie)


If culture shifted to a place where the youth could freely be themselves without fear of being ostracized, think of what that would mean for the way we view our own body image and self worth. Remember back to the time in our lives when we were sexually maturing, and imagine what it would’ve meant for us if we didn’t feel ashamed of the changes our body/self was going through, and we could be confident in the person we are becoming, without the fear of not being good enough in society’s eyes. By having a young person modify themselves to fit into a cultural standard at such a confusing time in their life, puts people into a position to be less accepting of themselves. I hope to create movement towards a new trend for the next generations, so that we won’t have any reason to feel ashamed of who we are as we mature through life. I beat myself up for not feeling good enough as a young girl(for things that shouldn’t of mattered), and I hope by spreading awareness of my own experience, I can help others prevent feeling like they have to hold themselves back from who they want to be/ who they are.Do what you want, and do what feels right for you. Don’t let anyone make you feel bad about who you are and the decisions you make. You are you, and being you is enough. I love you.#havenofear #beyou #iloveyou #namaste #gratitude #selflove #bodypositive #acceptance #weareone

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Morgan is all about nature and the natural, which couldn’t be more fitting for body hair positivity, because despite the perpetuation of hairless models, body hair is natural! She even made a YouTube video about why she doesn’t shave that now has over 2 million views. Giving her a follow will get you a mixed bag of music, nature photography and body-positive images, all of which we guarantee are a plus to your Insta feed.

2. Selfie Girl (@____selfiegirl____)


Are #glitterpits still in or is that so 2015

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Selfie Girl is all about empowerment and body hair positivity. She values authenticity, which can be seen through her posts: Instead of having tons of filters and aiming to impress, she keeps it real—she loves to pose with her arms raised so her armpit hair is visible, and she’s absolutely unapologetic about her refusal to shave. Beyond that, she’s a self-proclaimed intersectional feminist, which we love.

3. Ryse (@they.them.ryse)


New habits... trying to create new habits when you have depression. Sucks. — I start off strong. Think I’m going to be able to keep this up. Pumped. Proud of myself. Then the inevitable happens and I miss one time, one day... and I can’t seem to catch back up once I have that first misstep. — Next thing I know, the new habit is a thing of the past and I’m back to struggling to do something that “new habit” was supposed to help. — Lordy knows how many times I’ve “stared” the SAME “new habit” lol — But as I try to start meal prepping for the 1537492626th time... I’m starting to see this a bit differently. — Yes... I have to continually restart healthier habits. But Instead of being pissed that I “couldn’t stick to it” shouldn’t I instead be praising myself for the strength to start again?!! — So today I’m saying. “Fuck yes Ryse! You are meal prepping today, you are feeding yourself and your family. You rock human!” And even if tomorrow or next week I “fall off the wagon” I’m going to try damn hard to remember that I’ve always gotten the fuck back on and I will continue to do so. — What new habit are you trying out? Or want to get into the habit of? What’s stopping you? — ▪️▪️▪️ #nonbinaryfemme #roadtorecovery #presentoverperfect #unapologeticallyme #unapologeticallyblack #leghair #bodyhairdontcare #nonbinary #thismoment

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Ryse, as it says in their bio, is a mental health advocate and social justice educator, so pressing that follow button will add more than just body hair positivity to your feed. They’re not shy about loving their body, hair and all, and their captions are always thought-provoking (which, in the age of thoughtless scrolling, is definitely a good thing).

4. Molly Kubes (@prosperity.priestess)


S O V E R E I G N T Y . . Sovereignty is a practice I have recently stepped into. . . As an empath (someone who is very sensitive and feels other people’s emotions), I would always get mixed up in other people’s energy. . . I would take on other people’s stuff that wasn’t my own. I would do things because I thought I “should” do them, not because I authentically wanted to. . . Sovereignty is the practice of the Priestess. It is self governance... aka you run your own show. You check in with you first. You do YOU! . . It can be a challenge practice, but an incredibly rewarding one, that can leave you feeling a deeper, more empowered connection to yourself. . . Here are some simple tips to practice sovereignty if it is a new practice for you! . . 1. Are you a people pleaser? Notice if you actions are coming from a place of service of of pleasing. Take note, there is a difference, and it’s a big one. Service comes from a place of wholeness vs. people pleasing comes from an insecurity and a place of “lack.” . . 2. Develop a daily practice, of Meditation, yoga, self love, or just a place where you can check in. It’s important for us to recognize what our BEingness feels like, and come back to this place anytime we feel off kilter. What does your Soul really want and crave? It’s important to tune in and feel that. . . 3. Finally, are you doing things because you feel you “should” do them, or because you actually really want to? Are you following the status quo or are you being a leader? What feels authentic for you? Be brave, and follow that! . . What are your top tips for sovereignty? How do you honour your inner Priestess? Let me know in the comments . . Ps photo by @mollyireneyogin

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Molly works in healing and is also a business mentor that helps out female entrepreneurs. Yes, please! Beyond embracing armpit hair, she posts tons of inspiring quotes and tips for living your best life, which we could all use some more of. She’s empowered and makes a living out of empowering others, and a lot of her posts have aesthetically pleasing nature backgrounds. We think everyone could look to Molly for some advice.

5. Harnaam Kaur (@harnaamkaur)


Harnaam is an activist and recently worked with Lush Cosmetics on the My Body, My Rules campaign to spread messages of body positivity and challenge beauty stereotypes. Harnaam faced bullying from her peers when she was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), which caused her to grow facial hair. She then decided to take the high road and flaunt what she has without feeling ashamed. We think she’s beautiful, and we’re so inspired by everything she does.

6. Emily Bador (@darth_bador)



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Though Emily is a model, she’s breaking the mold of the stereotypical hairless, idealistically flawless model. She flaunts her armpit hair and stomach rolls without an ounce of apology, and we’re honestly in awe of how gorgeous she is. Follow her for body hair positivity, but also for general fashion inspo—we’d love to raid her closet.

7. Pink Bits (@pink_bits)

Pink Bits is one artist trying to, as the bio states, “illustrat[e] the bits and shapes we’re told to hide.” The illustrations of various women are so inclusive, and tons of them feature body hair on their legs, armpits and “down there.” The account is just one big celebration of the female body that highlights the beauty in reality, rather than some imagined ideal.

These accounts will make sure that in the frenzy of social media posts you’re bombarded with every day, you’ll be reminded that you don’t need to change a single thing about your body to feel good—and that includes shaving.

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