7 Classic Beauty Looks for Valentine’s Day

Blushing cheeks? Racing heart? Doodling hearts all over your notebook? If you’re showing these signs, you’ve definitely been shot by Cupid’s bow, which can only mean that Valentine’s Day is getting closer. You may not know what your significant other has in store for this special day, but no matter what, we’ll have you covered beauty-wise. Whether your plans include dinner, a movie or a night in, these easy beauty looks will you have casting a spell on his heart all night long.

1. Smoky Eyes

Make your peepers sparkle with this softer take on smoky eyes. Brown shadows are more natural than black but will still give you a sultry effect. Valentine’s Day makeup should be about enhancing your beauty, not masking it! This look is sure to win you compliments while your SO admires you across from the dinner table.

What You’ll Need

  • Eyeshadow primer
  • 3 brown eye shadows (neutral, dark and shimmery)
  • Eyeshadow brushes
  • Black eyeliner
  • Mascara


  1. Prime your lids with an eye shadow primer (or a creamy concealer, if you don’t have primer). Using your finger is ideal because your body heat will warm up the product for easy blending.
  2. With a flat eyeshadow brush, pat a neutral brown shadow all over your lid. We recommend “Tease” from the Urban Decay’s Naked2 Palette ($52).
  3. On the outer corner of your lid, apply a dark brown shadow, like “Busted” from the same palette, using a small, fluffy brush. Work this into the crease of your eye, using a windshield-wiper motion. This will add depth to the look.
  4. Apply a light, shimmery shade, such as the palette’s “Booty Call,” to the inner corners of your eyes to brighten the eyes with a pencil brush or a Q-tip. You can also use this shadow below the brow bone as a highlight.
  5. Finish off with black eyeliner and two coats of your favorite mascara to really define your eyes.

2. Fresh, Glowing Skin

Spending the night stargazing? Make your skin glow in the moonlight with this look. The key is to put just a little bit of the highlighter in three main areas; product applied in too many places could make your face look oily. This technique brightens your face, leaving you with supple, kissable skin.

What You’ll Need

  • Moisturizer
  • Brightening concealer
  • Highlighting powder
  • Small blending brush


  1. Prep face with a hydrating moisturizer.
  2. Apply a foundation of your choice and follow with a brightening concealer, such as Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer ($7.99), that’s two shades lighter than your skin tone under your eyes to brighten the area. Blend with your finger until it looks seamless.
  3. Lightly apply your matte pressed powder. This creates an even canvas for the highlighter to pop.
  4. With a small blending brush, dust a highlighting powder from the Kardashian Beauty Endless Summer Matte Bronzer kit ($14.99) lightly above your cheekbones, along the bridge of your nose and on your Cupid’s bow (right above your upper lip). The light will naturally brighten your eyes and the powder simply enhances the effect.