6 Top Knots That Work for Every Hair Length

With back to college season closer than we'd like it to be, there's a lot that takes a back seat to our studies. Say hello to top knots, your go-to look during busy weeks on campus (or at home). It's a quick, easy and chic way to disguise dirty hair and to keep your locks up and out of the way as you spend endless hours on homework again. Fortunately, done the right way, a top knot can look less lazy, and more glamorous —no matter what your hair length.

Short Hair

Teeny Top Knot

Beauty vlogger A Ting Thing creates an adorable mini top knot by taking advantage of twists to create the illusion of additional volume. This is key for super-short strands and gives extra depth to your ’do. It works well if you want to rock the trending half-up, half-bun hairstyle, but don’t have Rapunzel-length strands.

Simple and Sophisticated

In this video, vlogger Nikki DeRoest shows viewers how to create a professional top knot on short hair without having to worry about a bunch of wispy pieces of hair getting in your way. She suggests using an extension piece to make the bun look fuller.

Medium Length

Carefree Style

Top knots are all about function, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be cute as well. Give off effortlessly chill vibes with this easy top knot that keeps your hair in place without looking like a hot mess.

Half-Up, Half-Down

The length of your hair is perfect for this trendy style. Creating this look is just as simple as it appears, but for extra tips on achieving the perfect style, check out this video from Amalie of ShinyLipsTv. She starts by sectioning her hair, then teasing it with a hairbrush for volume, and securing the top knot with an elastic before roughing it up for extra texture.

Long Hair

Braided Bun

For long locks like yours, it’s easy to get the best of both worlds with an awesome braid and chic top knot. MakeupByAlli shows you how to easily incorporate the braid into the bun itself, but other tutorials can show you how to fade a regular bun into a French braid. It’s up to you!

Polished and Professional

The beauty queens at Birchbox know a thing or two about hair, so you know their simple hair tutorials will help you slay no matter what you have planned for the day. The beauty maven in this video has long, thick hair that she first texturizes with a pomade. After creating a loose ponytail, she pulls at a few ends and secures with bobby pins to give the look extra texture.