5 Unusual Beauty Trends We're Happy to Leave in 2018

From all kinds of crazy brows to outlandish nails, 2018 was a wild one for beauty trends. We're here to give you a quick recap of the most outrageous looks that went viral this past year. Even though all of these are uber-unique, we seriously want to stash these looks away forever.

1. McDonald's Brows

In honor of the famous golden arches, we bring you #McDonaldsBrows. Not that we don't appreciate the greasy goodness of Mickey D's, but these aren't the least bit appetizing.

2. The Hanacure Mask

We're getting major Benjamin Button vibes with this anti-aging face mask. After applying, watch as your face takes on a wrinkled effect. It won't last forever, but it's definitely creepy in the moment. 

3. The Everything-Yellow Trend



✨💛🌼⚡️🌕 #dausell #yellow #makeup

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If there has ever been a time for yellow EVERYTHING, it's been 2018. Throughout the year, we've seen our fair share of yellow sweaters, pants, and shoes. But makeup? It's a bit of a stretch. One thing's for sure: You'll be the brightest one in the room.

4. Outlandish Nails



Brush nails - YAY OR NAY ? #nailsunnytutorial video by @edo_movs

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Sandwiches 🥪 nail - ❤️ or 👎🏻? Idea @k_chandr

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The nail art chain, Nail Sunny, has been posting countless designs of unique nails this year. These two are just a preview to the other bold designs shared on their Instagram account. In need of a quick hair fix? Brush nails are the answer.

5. Upside Down Reverse Makeup

The upside down reverse makeup look was for sure one of the most shocking of them all. We don't know how this girl did it, but we're going to leave it up to her.

PSA to all: Let's make 2019 a better year for our Instagram feed.