The 5 Rules of Wearing Perfume

Sometimes we take many things for granted, such as the fragrances we wear on a daily basis. The process is simple: you go to the store, smell different perfumes, buy the one you like and continue wearing it 'til the last drop. It's so easy but it is also easy to get it wrong: just think about the overbearing scents from others or how yours doesn't last all day. Here are some rules to the fragrance world that you should know.

1. Don't rub your wrists together

According to Carlos Huber, a fragrance developer and the creator of Arquiste, rubbing your wrists together actually harms the scent molecules by pressing them into your skin, which stops the molecules from lifting naturally from your skin. Instead, use a rollerball or just lightly pat your wrists to diffuse the smell without damaging the scent. 

2. Apply before getting dressed

The alcohol and oils in your fragrance can damage your clothes, and applying on anything other than bare skin can actually shorten the longevity of the fragrance. To drag out the scent, spray it on your body, specifically on your throat and wrists. Or, you can spray your perfume in the air and walk through the mist.

3. Use sparingly

A general rule of thumb is that somebody within a foot of you shouldn't be able to readily smell you. You might not be able to smell your own perfume on yourself but trust us when we say that others will be able to smell you from miles away if you overdo it.

4. Shop around

You're not forced to just stick with one perfume when you go shopping! Smelling each perfume on the paper testing strips can help you narrow down the scents you like, but don't leave without trying how it smells on you. Try out two fragrances on your wrists and walk around for about 15 to 20 minutes so that your body heat can diffuse the scent. After that time period, give your wrists another whiff and see which one is better. The one you liked more on paper might not be the same on you!

5. Diversify your scents

Just as with fashion and makeup, your perfume is an extension of who you are. You're not bound to one scent forever, or even for one day. If you're feeling fun and flirty in the morning, use a bright, crisp perfume. If by night you're feeling more sultry, then opt for a musky perfume. Maybe you can even change your fragrances with the seasons. If you're changing your scent throughout the day, just make sure to wash your body so that the new scent will cling and not mix with the other scent.