The 5 Best Ways to Grow Out Your Bangs

When you’re waiting for your bangs to grow out, the time passes as slowly as Orange is the New Black fans waiting for season four to be released on Netflix.

Before your crazy eyes come out from stressing about how your bangs aren’t where you want them to be, check out these tips and avoid the hassle.

Pick your favorite part

When you decide that you want to grow out your bangs, it’s best to pick one side of your hair that you’d like to part, and try to stick to that side. Your bangs will be easier to smooth to the side with your favorite hair product, and any awkward length issues will be easier to disguise.

Trim your bangs, but avoid a major chop

Just like getting regular trims helps the rest of your hair stay healthy, scheduling in a trim for your bangs every six weeks will have them looking fabulous. They will be easier to manage and they will blend into the rest of your look, too.

Get your braid game on point

For a fun and girly look, learn how to braid your bangs along your hairline to add some variety to your look and to prevent the ends of your hair from getting into your eyes as they start to grow out. Cute, dainty braids are super cute, but they can still look professional while you’re at your internship this semester.

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!

Make sure your bangs stay soft with a bi-weekly hair mask, and use daily styling products that have buzzwords such as “hydrating” on the packaging. When your strands have the nourishment they need, they are less prone to breakage, which will allow your bangs to grow even more quickly.

Use your hair accessories to your advantage

When all else fails and you’re getting frustrated with your bangs, push them back with an adorable headband for the day and unleash your inner Blair Waldorf. For the days or situations where it’s not appropriate to wear a regular headband, use a handful of bobby pins to twist and pin sections of your hair accordingly to keep your bangs out of your face.