3 Easy Beauty Ideas for Lollapalooza, Outside Lands, & Every Summer Festival

Festival season is well underway. Whether you’ve booked a festival road trip for the rest of summer or you’re only going to a local concert, have fun amping up your beauty routine for the festivities! You can wear neutral eye looks any time of year, but festivals have basically become synonymous with glitter, gems and gloss. Even if you’ve stocked your beauty reserves with everything that’s shiny, vibrant and loud, you might still be wondering how to actually put together a cohesive festival-themed beauty look. Don’t worry, we have you covered in respects to all festival inspo.

1. Load up on the glitter.

Seriously, you can never have too much glitter, especially during the summer. Plus, everything that sparkles is the best way to make sure your festival group knows where you are at all times—because it essentially becomes a homing device (and we stan dual-purposed cosmetic products).


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You can add glitter to your cheekbones to supplement or amplify your highlight, but don't forget that glitter is an incredibly versatile product in your cosmetic arsenal.

If you’re an unofficial makeup artist, create a sharp, modified cat-eye look with your glitter mix of choice. (If you aren’t a pro, use some cosmetic tape to define the edges of your cat eye, and just remove the tape once you’re done packing on the glitter.)

Since it’ll hot AF outside, it's smart to have your hair tied back in a ponytail, or maybe a braid or two. Because your hair will be up and out of the way, you can easily add glitter to your favorite hair gel or mouse to set your hair style. Want something more daring to become a walking, talking glitter bomb? Lay chunky glitter particles at your hairline or part – this way, you’ll have a seamless transition from your ~face glitter~ to your ~hair glitter~.

2. Add extra shimmer to your frock.

Speaking of hair, if you want to step up your mermaid locks or just try a new look for the season, you can add shine to your hair without lathering it with glitter.

Adding tinsel to your hair is a relatively simple method to incorporate more loud glam into the festival celebration. Though you might be ready to bring leftover tinsel packets from the holiday to your hair stylist, incorporating tinsel in your mane is pretty simple and you can do it yourself at home (a relief for the college budget, since you just spent a paycheck on your festival tickets).

3. Shine bright like a rhinestone.

We get it: You’re still attempting to narrow down the 25 drafts of your gem masterpiece. However, you don’t need the perfect composition to don a ton of rhinestones and gems like the festival queen you were born to be.


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Sometimes a girl needs a little disorganization in her beauty routine, which is why it's totally fine to haplessly apply gems, pearls or rhinestones all over your face in no particular order or design. It's still going to WERK. After all, your version of your festival beauty is unique, so feel free to mix and match your stick-on gems, glitter, tinsel or lack thereof however you'd like.