10 Totally Bold, Totally Temporary Beauty Risks to Take

That skull tattoo you've always wanted on your forearm might sounds like a cool idea now, but will you really want it so prominently on display when you go home to Mom and Dad over break or interview for a summer internship? We didn't think so. Luckily, there are tons of collegiette-approved ways to experiment with bold beauty without the long-term commitment. Here are our ten favorite beauty risks that can be here today and gone by tomorrow.

1. Hair chalking

Rainbow bright hair has been everywhere lately, gracing the heads of Dakota Fanning, Lauren Conrad, January Jones, and the Spring 2012 runway models at Peter Som and Thakoon. Chances are you've probably seen the coolest girl in class rocking subtle pink streaks, too. Isn't it time you tried out the look? Before you go running for permanent dye, experiment with hair chalking, a method of “dyeing” your hair with wax chalk that's completely safe and washes out after just one or two days. Here's how it works:

  1. Pick up a set of wax pastels from a craft store. This set from Michael's includes 24 colors for just $5. The name is misleading – you don't want to use playground chalk for this!
  2. Place a towel over your shoulders and clothing before you begin.
  3. Spritz the section of hair you want to chalk with water.
  4. Rub a wax pastel up and down the section of hair until the section is saturated with color.
  5. Once your hair is dry, lock in the color with a flat iron or curling iron.

Check out this easy, step-by-step tutorial to see how simple hair chalking can be!
2. Colored streaks

Like the look of hair chalking but want something that lasts just a little bit longer? Semi-permanent hair dye comes in an array of funky colors and typically washes out in under two weeks. Manic Panic is available for $12.99 at Hot Topic in hot pink, turquoise, purple, and more. Katrina Margolis, a freshman at the College of Wooster, just added temporary pink streaks to her hair and loves her look. “I had seen the look on celebrities and liked it. When I was younger, I did a lot of over the top coloring, like dyeing my entire head bright red, and this was a subtler way of doing it.”

3. Temporary lip tattoos

If you have Nicki Minaj-style confidence and love to experiment with the boldest looks, this beauty risk has your name written all over it! Just like those sponge-on temporary tattoos you probably sported in elementary school, these tats are made for your lips. Violent Lips makes Minx-style stickers that transfer prints like leopard, polka dots, and glitter onto your pout. Head over to Violent Lips to purchase a pair and learn how to apply them like a pro. Starting at $7.99, temporary lip tattoos are a fun way to make a statement for a big night out.

4. Clip-in bangs

Zooey Deschanel wouldn't look the same without her signature blunt bangs. But before you run to the stylist to start snipping, wouldn't you feel just a tad safer knowing you'll come out of the salon looking celebrity hot rather than looking like your five-year-old cousin? Recently, Kim Kardashian, Shay Mitchell, and Leighton Meester have all flirted with clip-in bangs. Experiment with the look before making the cut with Ulta's Clip-In Bangs, available in stores and online for $23.99 in six shades. If you love the look, you'll know it's time to make an appointment with your hair stylist – just save the clip-ins in your bathroom drawer for when you're growing out your bangs and are suffering through that awkward in-between stage!
5. Clip-in extensions

Remember those infomercials for Jessica Simpson's extensions? Don't be so quick to relegate them to the same territory as Snuggies and pajama jeans. Clip-in extensions can instantly give you a mane to rival Blake Lively's without her army of hair stylists and wind machines. Alicia Thomas, a freshman at Penn State, swears by her extensions. “I don't wear them every day, but I throw them in when I'm going somewhere special. They're not even that much longer than my real hair, but they make my hair look thicker.” We think Alicia looks gorgeous! Sally's Beauty Supply has a fantastic selection of extensions to fit your hair color, texture, and length.