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Xyleyna Medina

TAMU '24

Xyleyna Medina is a part of the events committee in Her Campus at TAMU chapter. She helps form or create event ideas, hold events for the TAMU chapter, and work along with others to put on activities for the other members.

When she is not working with others in Her Campus, Xyleyna is studying for her degree in English at Texas A&M University. After graduating in spring ‘24 (whoop!) she plans to continue her education as a grad student studying Speech-Language Pathology. After that, Xyleyna plans to become a speech therapist. Previously being a tutor for many children with dyslexia and other speech disorders, it became a passion for her to work with them and go into a more professional setting with her passion.

When she is not focusing on her studies or Her Campus, she enjoys spending time with her cat and gaming! A personal favorite game of hers is Valorant and while she likes to grind that game, she has enjoyed dabbling in other FPS games in her free time. As an English major, she loves to read and discuss them with her friends. Another personal interest to her is plants and taking care of and growing them.