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Teni Ogunsanya

Carleton '26

Teni is the current Campus Correspondent of Her Campus at Carleton! She oversees and supports the executive team, ensures that HCHQ requirements are met, and acts as a final reviewer of all articles.

Outside of Teni’s Her Campus duties, she is a second-year student in the Public Affairs and Policy Management Program, with a specialization in Communication Technologies and Regulation in addition to a French minor. Teni is passionate about racial advocacy and has administrative experience through organizations like CATIE where she worked as a Research Assistant. Within the role, she updated the public service directory of community-based organizations along with their internal database. On campus, she works as a Front-Desk Associate at Carleton’s Center for Student Academic Support. In terms of extracurriculars, she has kept busy with clubs like BSA (The Black Student Alliance) and BSPA (Black Students in Public Affairs), where she volunteered at an Afrofuturism conference and made lifelong connections with other Black students in PAPM.

To relieve stress, Teni thrives in the realm of escapism, ranging from fantasy books to reality TV. As a lover of the arts, she uses poetry as a creative outlet and aspires to be a published author alongside a career in either Law or Public Policy.