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Sophia Caputo

PSU '27

Sophia is a first-year student at Penn State. She is studying digital and print journalism, with an intended minor in Italian. For Sophia, writing has always been her outlet. She has found expressing her voice, at its peak, when flowing from the ink of a pen or through the clicks of a keyboard.
Beyond writing, Sophia has a passion for the world of fashion. To her, it’s the unique process of bringing art to life, through a display of walking canvases. Fashion has played a major influence into the way she articulates her words; as it has taught her to find appreciation in honing your craft.
On top of being a writer for Her Campus, Sophia is a member of PSU’s Ed2010, the Fashion Society at PSU and Episcopal at Penn State. She takes delight in keeping herself motivated, through communities tailored toward her personal and career goals.
Outside of the academic scene, Sophia is a model; for the purpose of having personal knowledge and experience in all areas of the fashion industry to establish credibility. She also enjoys practicing pilates, cooking and spending time with friends. She focuses on the simple things in life that bring her happiness, and strives to live in a constant state of gratitude.