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Skye Roberts

Conn Coll '23

Skye Roberts is a first year at Connecticut College. She loves nature and telling stories. She enjoys making art, writing, making films, and creating songs. She enjoys crafting in general, from sewing to crochet, to woodworking, to blacksmithing (on the occasion).
At her high school Skye was a member of the book club, the musical, the National Honors Society, and completed the IB diploma program. After graduating from Valley Regional High School Skye hopes to major in film and art at Conn and pursue her dreams to be a freelance artist, filmmaker, author, and musician. Perhaps one day in the far future, a park ranger somewhere. Back at home a little West of Conn College she has a dog and a cat whom she loves dearly as well as a woods she adores. After college she hopes to live in a small cottage in the highlands of Scotland for some time, with animals, a little town, and plenty to explore.
She enjoys all of the seasons but Summer the least. Skye looks eagerly forward to fall where she plans to go on autumn walks while listening to Hozier, and curl up with a cozy book like “Six of Crows”, watch a show like “Hilda” or “Sex Education”, or a movie like “the Hobbit”.
Through her storytelling whether it be in the format of a canvas, writing, lyrics, or video, Skye tries to let her emotions and experiences speak for themselves. She also likes telling the stories of others and hopes to inspire and relate to people, and foster an environment where everyone feels welcome.