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Sidra Eskins

CU Boulder '26

Sidra is a new member here at HCCU! She is a contributing writer for CU Boulder's chapter of Her Campus, and she can't wait to get started with this lovely community.

Sidra is a second-year student at CU Boulder, double majoring in Creative Writing and Women & Gender Studies, and considering adding an International Affairs minor. With HCCU, she is excited to explore her passions -- particularly writing creatively and discussing political issues as they relate to college students. Her other interests include self care/mental health, friendships, pop culture, and travel. She hopes to incorporate all of these topics and beyond into her writing for HCCU!

Outside of HCCU and school, Sidra can usually be found reading, laughing with friends, trying out new recipes, listening to music, out on the hiking trail, or couch potato-ing in her room.