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Sarah Timin

NCSU '24

Sarah is a contributor to the NC State chapter of HER Campus. She has been a writer at HER Campus for three years, writing on pop culture, politics, and media. As reflected in her articles, she would consider herself knowledgeable about Taylor Swift, queer concepts, and environmental problems.

She is currently a senior at NC State majoring in Chemistry. During the summer of 2022, she interned at Camden Street Community Garden where she helped to lead volunteer days at the garden in Downtown Raleigh. She now works at Logan’s Garden Center where she hopes to gain more experience and knowledge in the gardening sector. After graduating in the Spring of 2024, she would love to be involved in a field where she gets to take care of plants.

Sarah was born and raised in Raleigh with her younger brother, so she did not move far for school, but she loves the completely different environment that college provides. She loves Taylor Swift, knitting, and watching TV with her roommate. This summer she saw Taylor Swift in concert during the delayed Nashville rain show. Recently, her favorite shows to watch with her roommate are Dimension 20, Ted Lasso, and Derry Girls.