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Samantha Larkin

Yale '23

When you grow up in Arizona, you get used to the fact pretty soon that like the chance of rain, growth and academic prosperity is— in a word— unlikely. Just like the plants and animals that end up in this desert, people tend to get stuck here. While some things can be beautiful (sunsets, the Grand Canyon, mountain ranges galore), I’m ready to leave the sun and sand behind for the East Coast!
I grew up in a small town near Phoenix, Arizona, and attended a large public school there. My high school years were filled with extracurriculars and my class work as an IB Diploma student (yikes!). My central interests in high school and now are community service/ involvement, environmental sustainability, social activism, and literature. Hiking, working, and hitting the gym were also pretty common occurrences in my daily life. I grew up with three sisters (so at least the roommate scene wasn’t new), two dogs, and my wonderful cat Niamh before attending school at Yale.


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