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My name is Michelai Asanti Graham and I am a dual major in Journalism and Media & Information at Michigan State University. I came to Michigan from Sacramento, California to follow my dream. I am the youngest of six woman and a singe mother. I grew up in a very empowering and feministic household. I've explored videography and editorial writing and have found a niche for both at a young age. I am still building my skills set but I will become an expert investigative reporter to direct my own documentaries of what I find. These two careers go hand in hand to me. My experiences array from screen writing to producing to poetry and even camera operation. I thrive from my curiosity and creative thinking which powers my urge to explore and learn more. I am the Chapter Journalist for Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc., Epsilon Epsilon Chapter. I am the coordinator for Daughters of the Collective: Mentoring and Research Program. I love novels, films, candles, incense, coffee, tea and discovering new music. Her Campus has become the perfect avenue to share my experiences with you! Enjoy my work and I will enjoy yours with much gratitude.

California Girl.