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Natasha Cuestas

NCSU '25

Natasha Cuestas is a writer for Her Campus at North Carolina State University. She is currently a Junior studying Political Science with bright aspirations to work for the United Nations one day. She is very passionate about humanitarian aid, service work, and the power of creating change on a local community scale to eliminate food deserts.

Natasha has been invested in leadership opportunities since she was in high school where she became a part of several National Honor Society Programs and Student Council boards. During this time, Natasha also worked closely with her hometown's Police Department in community outreach programs such as drug resistance and awareness programs as well as volunteered to fundraise supplies, food, and shoes for local low-economic status families. She attended her first year of undergrad at Georgia State University and later transferred into North Carolina State University where she is now a Junior Majoring in Political Science with a Minor in Global Leadership and Team Development.

Natasha was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia in a family of five with parents originally from Colombia, South America. With the inspiration and guidance of her family, she enjoys making all forms of creative art, connecting with others through the cultural experiences of traveling, and learning new and exciting things all the time. You can always find Natasha either in an art store, a beauty store, or enjoying a beautiful hike outside. ❤️