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Naomie Dussault

U Toronto '26

Hello! I'm Naomie, a pre-law student at the University of Toronto with a passion for exploring the intersections of Ethics, Society, and Law. Alongside my major, I delve into the complexities of Bioethics, as well as the realms of Buddhism, Psychology, and Mental Health through minors. Off-campus, you'll often find me lost in the enchanting worlds of fantasy and romance books, or out on the field playing soccer or hitting the gym. Traveling is another love of mine, as it broadens my perspectives and enriches my understanding of diverse cultures. Above all, I find immense joy in helping others, whether through my writing, school, or simply lending a listening ear. Balancing social activities with introspective moments, I cherish both the company of friends and the quiet moments of self-reflection. Join me on my journey as I navigate academia, adventures, and the pursuit of making a positive impact in the world.