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Myrtle Hill

KCL '26

Myrtle is a writer for the KCL chapter of HerCampus, specifically creating articles tailored to the Life section. Her pieces focus on a plethora of different topics, ranging from seasonal advice to discussions about life as a whole, and all the messes and rays of light that make it up.

Myrtle is mid-way through her first year at KCL, hoping to complete a BA English Literature degree. In the years prior, she worked as a tutor at Explore Learning, whilst also volunteering as a teaching assistant at Aldgate Primary School. Simultaneously, she was taking A-Levels in English Literature, Religion, Philosophy & Ethics, and Classical Civilisations. Her take on Ovid's Metamorphosis, approaching the text through a feminist lens, appeared in her college's Classics newsletter and she critically investigated the lack of intersectionality in Sylvia Plath's feminism in her Extended Project Qualification. After graduating, Myrtle aims to pursue her personal passion for creative writing in post-graduate study.

In her spare time, Myrtle loves playing the guitar, and singing with her band members, for whom she is the lyricist. She is obsessed with all things cat, and going on Moorland hikes and cycle-trips with her family. Naturally, as an English student, Myrtle spends a great deal of time reading, her guilty pleasure being Stephen King novels, especially 'The Stand'.