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Michelle González Jiménez

UPRM '23

Welcoming everyone! I’m Michelle González Jiménez and I'm studying Politics Sciences to become a lawyer. I'm a sub-graduate student who comes from Eugenio Maria de Hostos High School. In this high school, I spent five of the most significant and crucial years of my life. I learned how the fall but also how to get up again. One thing I will never forget is when one teacher told me: “You can get more than this, just try.” After that, my life got progressively better.

My interests are fashion, modeling, corporal language, expressing my feelings through writing, and how mental health influences our daily basis. Talking about them a little bit, I started getting interested in fashion in 2019 and have been helping with styling since then. Modeling is a recent thing for me. I started modeling on May 8, 2022 and graduated on July 29, 2023. Now I'm a certificated active model on my way to teaching modeling.

One thing about me is that I'm multifaceted. I like something at first sight, I'm going to work to get to know it and then get better. That's what's happening with learning corporal language, writing, and mental health topics. I love the idea that we have the capacity to learn something new when we want. That's why I have the intention of doing a minor in psychology.

My mission as a writer of Her Campus is to show the soft side of us, the human one. I want to show the world that we can be vulnerable and that that’s okay but we don't have to stay forever in the same position, we need to keep going. I'm willing to show the world my techniques and progression steps to inspire the readers to follow me and let them know that life could be short but happiness is over all things and is everywhere.