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Manuela Diez

TAMU '26

Manuela Diez is part of the social media committee for Her Campus at Texas A&M where she creates content for various platforms including Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok. Her role involves creating engaging and aesthetic posts, stories, and reels to connect with the audience and share relevant and exciting campus news and events. She also contributes to the platform's presence on TikTok, showcasing the vibrant and dynamic life at Texas A&M University through creative and fun videos.

Beyond her contributions for Her Campus, Manuela is part of the Texas A&M organization, A-line magazine, where she actively creates content for the magazine's social media platforms. Along with her team, she is responsible for designing graphics and assisting in the planning and execution of photoshoots for A-line's Instagram account. She is also an active member of PRISM at Texas A&M where she learns the ins and outs of Public Relations, Influencing and Social Media through workshops and guest speaker panels. Through these roles she has gained practical experience in creating engaging content for digital platforms, which is a crucial skill for her communications major.

Manuela has a diverse range of interests that keep her engaged and entertained. She enjoys spending quality time with friends, whether it is painting at a park or enjoying a night out on the town. She is a huge foodie who loves exploring new restaurants and cuisines which nurture her traveler spirit. Manuela’s pride and joy is her childhood dog Simon and she is the biggest fan of the comedy show Modern Family which she practically knows word for word.