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Lilly Davis

TAMU '24

Lilly Davis is a senior student at TAMU. As a member of the Events Committee, she helps organize social events to spend time together, study, and focus on academics. In addition to hosting, she has a soft spot for writing about social gatherings, ways to celebrate people and holidays with a fun, personal twist, and things to ponder!
Outside of Her Campus, Lilly is a pre-law student minoring in sociology and philosophy. She is also a member of the Pre-Law Society at Texas A&M and is pursuing higher education in law with the intent to become a judge and eventually a Supreme Court Justice. Lilly recently interned with local law firms and acted as a court observer while engaging with judges as they apply laws.
Aside from being a student, Lilly is very passionate: she loves the color pink, enjoys soft and fuzzy things, and raves about the joy of being warm. One of her favorite things to do is lay in her oversized bean bag and read! Some of her favorite stories are Dracula, Lord of the Flies, The Fall of the House of Usher, and Twilight. If she’s not reading in her beanbag, then Lilly’s either trying to crochet or facetiming her dog.