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Erieliz Vazquez Tomei

UPRM '27

I am a writer at Her Campus UPRM chapter. Within this platform, I channel my creativity into making pieces that are from a diverse range of topics, including mental health, productivity, lifestyle, and wellness in both languages English and Spanish.
Beyond writing for Her Campus, I am a motivated and forward-thinking college student pursuing a career in Biotechnology. My journey is fueled by an enthusiasm for both environmental and science topics. I am striding purposefully into the future driven to cultivate a dynamic skill set for my professional aspirations and personal evolution.
When not diving into academic pursuits, I am a voracious reader, who wants knowledge from various sources such as finance, business, and more. Productivity videos are my go-to since I constantly seek ways to optimize my time and efforts. I love to move my body, so workout sections are the highlight of my day. Overall, I am always open to the opportunities that lie ahead.