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Ellie Hughes

KCL '26

Ellie Hughes is a writer at the Her Campus at King's Chapter covering the Wellness verticals on the site. Her writing covers areas such as mental and physical health, sex and relationships and general wellbeing advice to make you feel accepted, confident, and supported throughout your university journey. Although she is only a first-year student, her articles provide an insight into the daily anxieties and stresses of university life and how to combat these in healthy ways. Whether you’re just starting off or ending your adventure at King’s, Ellie’s articles will provide comfort, advice and support on how to stay mentally and physically healthy during a time of such change and uncertainty.

Ellie is a first-year English student at King’s College London after studying English Literature, Maths and Product Design at A-Level. Having studied such a diverse range of subjects, she has an acute ability in understanding issues from various angles which is transferred into her perceptive advice regarding wellness in her articles. Although she hasn’t written professionally before, having studied English Literature at the highest level throughout her education, she displays confidence and eloquence in her writing, particularly when discussing gender, femininity and sexuality which she based her coursework on. Her independent studies centred around the use of sex and sensuality in exploring traditional gender roles; her research into feminist theory and the misrepresentation of women within literature is carried into her articles as explores the power of femininity and our sexuality and how to embrace that.

Beyond Her Campus, Ellie enjoys buying overpriced oat chai lattes from cute coffee shops, haunting bookstores, socialising with friends, rewatching her staple TV series (Gossip Girl of course) and exploring London with her boyfriend. She loves going out for the day, experiencing new things, and eating yummy food (which she can’t afford) but will happily trade clubbing for a cosy night in watching Harry Potter.