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Colleen Minnaugh

LUM '27

Colleen Minnaugh is a freshman at Loyola University Maryland. She is originally from Atlanta GA, and is a writing major with an English minor. Writing and reading have been a huge part of her life since middle school; from AP Literature, to dramatic writing class, she has always known that writing would be a huge part of her life.
Colleen has been working at her local, all female owned and operated bookstore since she was fifteen years old, leading her to be exposed to many different kinds of writing styles and genres, but she quickly discovered that classic literature holds a very special place in her heart. From the stories told by the likes of Charlotte Bronte, Franz Kafka, to even the occasional contemporary author such as Sylvia Plath, Colleen is absolutely captivated by the beloved classics.
Colleen will mainly aim to write opinion based pieces on current events, pop culture, politics, book reviews, movie recommendations, and so much more! She will publish an article about every two weeks, and she hopes that you enjoy them each time!