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Ameenah Wilson

TAMU '26

Ameenah Wilson is the Social Media Director for Her Campus at Texas A&M University's chapter. She is a Sophomore Communication major, and oversees the Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Tik Tok pages. She ensures that the accounts relate back to Her Campus at TAMU and topics generally about local events or the university (and reflect our happy members).

Ameenah moved to College Station from San Antonio, Texas to attend Texas A&M. She has had multiple roles involving social media and website design. She's currently pursuing a social media certificate from A&M on top of her degree. She has an endless list of hobbies: reading newsletters (obsessively), playing tennis, painting/drawing, and creating "movies" on her personal social media!

The biggest parts of her personality are centered around her cat, Mochi, and the color pink! She is big on makeup, fashion, athletics, and media. Her writing is usually centered around her personal experiences regarding race, religion, and college hardships. The same goes for her “movies”. She has a passion for creating short videos to share with anyone willing to watch– usually, they reflect her writing. In everything she makes, it’s centered around some sort of passion of hers.