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Aditi Jain

Ashoka '22

Aditi Jain is a young woman who, till now, has experienced about eighteen years in this familiar, yet peculiar, environment of India. Even after having had all of her memories created in the diverse air of this beautiful nation, she is still trying to taste the sweetness of belonging on the tip of her tongue. These familiar streets of New Delhi still haven't made her feel at home even though she lives and breathes in them everyday. The closest that she has been to who she wants to be was her post as the Vice President of the Editorial Board of her School.

After spending more than a year creating reports of school events, drafting and editing a magazine, maintaining the school's website, and mentoring her juniors, she realized that she didn't want her duty to be a part of just one year of her life, but an integrated part of the rest of the years of her existence. This is what motivated her to apply to Canvas Literary Journal for the position of a Teen Editor. The emotions that encompassed her throughout this small journey are something she wants to feel over and over again.