15 Adorable Fashion Inspired Tattoos You Need to See

Make your passion for fashion permanent, and get inspired by these fashionable tatts! Some come right from influencers, models and people in the industry, while others are simply from those who can't get enough shoes, lipstick and Vogue.

1. Vogue Girl 

Some things will just never go out of style, and I’m positive Vogue will ensure that this doesn’t.

2. Red Bottom Appreciation

Now if only we had the real shoes to match.

3. A Girl’s Best Friend

Diamonds are forever, and your new tattoo will be too! 

4. Back to Basics 

Perfect for the fashion designer (even if it's only at heart). 

5. Little Details 

This little bow is so sweet, even your grandma won’t hate your new ink.

6. Lipstick Lover 

Unfortunately, you can’t get lipstick tubs that look like this at Sephora, but a girl can dream, right?

7. Personalized Hanger 

Get inspired by this cute lil’ hanger that belongs to the queen of fashion herself, Chanel Iman. `

8. Fuss-Free Ring

This simplistic ring will ensure that you never leave the house without jewelry again. 

9. Lashes for Days 

This beauty-inspired tattoo belongs to popular Youtube NikkieTutorials.

10. Creative Outlet 

Those who love fashion know that its not just about the clothes and designer labels. Clothes represent who you are, and show your unique personality. All you fashion lovers know that you’re not just throwing together an outfit every morning, you’re creating yourself. 

11. Retro Glasses

Does anyone else thing that if Taylor Swift were to get a tattoo, this would be it?

12. Perfume Perfection

Half the fun of wearing perfume is getting to look at the gorgeous bottle that it's stored in! Sport one all the time with this fun tattoo.

13. Audrey Hepburn 

You couldn’t find a person more willing to be your fashion inspiration.

14. Princess at Heart 

C’mon, who didn’t think that this dress was the most fashionable thing that they had ever laid eyes on during their childhood?

15. Get In Formation 

Somehow this dress form seems prissy and cool at the same time, and we’re loving it! 

Amanda is a National Intern, Style and Beauty Blogger and a Chapter Advisor for Her Campus. She is doing a double major in criminology and sociology at Western University. She is a proud member of Alpha Gamma Delta - Zeta Chi chapter, and makes 99% of her decisions based off of WWEWD (what would Elle Woods Do?). Follow her on instagram @amanda_h_jones, and listen to her talk about makeup *a bit* more than usual at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_m-7cOzh_oI&t=237s

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