10 Life Lessons You Learn From Mean Girls




The limit does not exist!

The sky is the limit for you ladies! There is not telling what you can do as human being. You can do it all. Breakdown the barriers that life gives us and be free!


You Can’t Sit With Us…Like Ever.

Never leave room for negativity in your life (especially when you are eating). You are way too cute and smart for that! If something or someone bad has a chance to step into your life, deny them real quick. 


Always lead, never follow.

As females, we need to understand that being a follower does not help us in anyway. We should be making a statement. (And honestly, who wears army pants and flip flops anymore?)


Sometimes you need to face your emotions dead on (even if you don’t go here).


We can all admit that we never want to be the type of person to the throw all their emotions in sea full of girls. If you are feeling overwhelmed, take some time to reflect on the stresses and emotions. Never bottle them all inside. Put on some Netflix, cry, eat chocolate and cry until you feel better. Your mental health is better than anything. 


Know the difference between lesbian and Lebanese.

Let’s face it, our judgments can help but mostly hurt. Be careful about what you think and if you are going to say it out loud. And in most instances, you could be saying something about a person and is out of this world wrong. 


Know when you are victimizing or being a victim.

Ladies, we have to speak up. If you feel that you are in a friendship that has feeling bullied get out of it. Always say something. And if you are the one who is victimizing (and you don’t even know it) talk to your friends about it. 


Your lady parts shouldn’t be up for discussion.

Please for the love of all that is good in the world, do NOT under any circumstances talk openly about your hooha. If you have some issues going on down there talk to your doctor, your mom or a very close friend. A whole gymnasium is not how you get your problems across. 


Having sex won’t kill you…right?  

Your body is your temple and you have to keep it protected from any harm whatsoever. There is a lot of STDs out there and some of them can lead to death (i.e. HIV, Chlamydia, Syphilis). 


Once you crack, step back.

If you have had it with one of your BFFs and you just cannot take it anymore step back before you let all the secret out. Take the time to get your thoughts together. Write them down. And when you are calm and relaxed, talk (definitely not yell) to the friend that you have the problem with and see if you can resolve the problem. 


Sometimes the weird ones mean the most.

Even though first impressions mean a lot, they do not signify who we are. Friends at first can be shy, silly, crazy, creepy, weird or even hella awkward. But that’s why we love them. No matter what, they are there for you. Through thick and thin. So cherish that…even if your friends don’t know that. 

Greetings all! I'm Chantel Vereen. Currently I'm a senior at York College of Pennsylvania from Long Island, NY. My major is Professional Writing with a Creative Writing minor. I'm currently in six other campus organizations. All in all, I'm a busy person who just loves work. An interesting fact about me is that I did not have a favorite color until I was 19.

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