Fashion in the Forest: How to pull of cheetah prints


The cheetah print may freak some collegiettes out a big. But don't let it scare you; and, in my opinion, it should be a staple in every woman’s wardrobe. The best way to think about cheetah print is to treat it like it's a neutral. Simply remind yourself that it is just a combination of brown and black - which are two colors that are easy to mix with other colors! Personally, I think the best colors to mix with cheetah are red, orange, and green because they look fabulous together! That isn’t to say that other colors won’t look good with cheetah print, but it is always nice to start with something you know will look good.

Now, like anything else, it is easiest to start with a minimal amount and increase over time. So if you have never worn cheetah print before, maybe start with a patterned clutch, scarf, or shoes. That way you can keep the rest of your outfit simple and the cheetah won’t seem too overwhelming.

Also, a good tip to remember is that you can mix patterns with cheetah print. Since the base is made up of neutral colors, it is easy to pair with stripes or other monochromatic patterns.

Another tidbit of advice in order to pull off this fashion trend flawlessly is to keep your color palette simple. Even if you have a crazy pattern with your cheetah print, it will look good as long as the non-cheetah print pattern is relatively simple color-wise. For example, in the picture below, the girl is wearing patterned pants, but they are uniform in color so there isn’t too much going on.

Finally, don’t be limited when it comes to cheetah print. If you are brave enough, it is easy to pull off a cheetah print coat if you keep the rest of your outfit simple.

Wearing cheetah print is such a fun way to add that extra oomph into your wardrobe! With that being said, don’t be afraid to branch out and be bold. If you are worried that you can’t pull it off, just think of the cheetah print article as a neutral color that matches almost anything. For example, if you are trying to rock cheetah print shoes, just pretend they are black so you don’t get too caught up in the intense pattern. Also remember that you don’t have to be super crazy. If you aren’t comfortable donning a full cheetah print outfit, that’s fine! You have so many other options to make your wardrobe awesome. But if you do want to wear cheetah, you can! It doesn’t matter what other people think as long as you are happy. So go out there and strut your cheetah print stuff! 

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