Fashion In The Forest: How to Make The Perfect Top Knot


Hello! My name is Taylor and I will be writing for Fashion in the Forest this semester. It is going to be a fashion "how to" blog with tons of different types of how to’s like how to stack jewelry, mix patterns, etc. If you would like to see a specific trend or tutorial, please email me at [email protected]. Here's How to Make a Top Knot!


What you will need: 2 bobby pins, maybe more depending on how layered your hair is, and anti-frizz spray (optional). We used Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shine Anti-Humidity. 

Step 1: This is sometimes easier with wet hair, but it can work with wet or try hair. Start off with brushing your hair. Then flip your head over and gather your hair in a ponytail on the top of your head. Don't actually put it in a ponytail holder.

Step 2: Twist your hair until it is tight against your head and before it starts twisting in on itself. You want to be able to hold it straight out from your head. 

Step 3: Twist your hair around so it forms a flat spiral against your head.

Step 4: Pull the end of your hair through the spiral so you are literally knotting your hair. The end of your hair should come out the top. Then tuck it underneath the spiral at the back of your head. 

Step 5: Finally, clasp one bobby pin around the tucked end of your hair to your head and the spiral. Pin another bobby pin the first one against your head to secure the bun. Since you have actually knotted your hair, the bun should stay; however, if it feels too loose or your just want more bobby pins, throw in as many as you want. Hair spraying the bun when you are done can also be helpful for a secure hold!

Hello all! My name is Taylor and I am a junior here at Wake. I am so excited about writing for Her Campus again this semester and check out my Fashion in the Forest blog posts every other week. Also check out the Fashion in the Forest Pinterest page or email me at [email protected]!