Cold Weather Chic: What to Wear When Going Out in the Winter

Believe me, I get it. It's Friday/Saturday/Sunday (for the weekend warriors) night, and you want to head out to a party or bar, but it's so cold. This presents a problem: how to go out and look cute while also staying warm? It seems like the Pennsylvania weather is working against us as temperature is dropping, but if you just get a little creative, it's possible to stay stylish. 

Option 1: Tights, Skirt & Sweater 

Like showing off some leg? Then tights should be your go-to during the winter. No one says you have to stop wearing a skirt just because the weather is less than compliant with your fashion needs. Luckily, you can make this look a little more casual with a lightly woven sweater. Add a denim or leather jacket for extra warmth, and you should be good to go. 

Outfit 2: Leather Leggings & T-Shirt 

Worried you'll get a little too hot in the frat basement/bar with a sweater on? Your t-shirt can make a comeback. Add a little edge (and warmth) with leather/faux-leather leggings. A lighter top, like the one pictured above, will soften the look so it's not too overwhelming, or a graphic t-shirt will put forth a rocker vibe. 

Outfit 3: Shorts & Tights 

Similar to the skirt and tights look, this trend has been in for a while now, and it's a great way to try something new instead of simply going with skinny jeans all the time. Shorts and tights are versatile and can add texture to your outfit. Tuck in a flowy button down to give the shirt some structure and roll up the sleeves for a more carefree style.

Outfit 4: Jeans, Tank, & Leather Jacket

I often hear the quesiton, "Can I wear a jacket out? Are you going to wear one? I don't know if it's worth it..." Let me stop you right there, the answer to those questions are yes and yes and yes it is.  I firmly stand by the leather jacket as the ultimate staple item for colder weather when you're going out. If you don't have one already, ask for one for Christmas because it can keep you warm while complementing your outfit as opposed to overwhelming or hiding it. It's totally okay (read: highly encouraged) to wear a jacket out. You can always stash it in a safe place when you get there if you don't feel like carrying it all night. 

Samantha Galasso is from Wilton, CT and is the founder of both the Providence College and Villanova University chapters at HC. In her spare time, she enjoys napping, sarcastic commentary, inappropriate jokes, hanging out with her fellow Pi Phi sisters, "Friends" marathons, and general activities being ”liked” by the mass majority of people on Facebook. Her goals in life include writing the next great American novel and making the Billionaire Obituary in Forbes.