The Ultimate Guide for Finding the Right Skincare Routine for Way Happier Skin

Looking for the best way to have that natural summer glow? Growing up, I had an array of skin issues stemming from light eczema, hormonal acne flare ups and a skin condition that still never really got a true diagnosis -- because of that I’ve never been much of a make-up wearer. The warm summer months that are quickly approaching is when I have the most of my skin issues occur so I do all that I can to make sure I keep my skin natural and healthy at all times. In addition to what I do to treat myself, I asked a few of my skin experts (lush-obsessed friends, rather) to see how they treat themselves!

What do I do? In addition to my daily products used, I’ve slowly started to spread my horizon and use more lush products other than just a simple bath bomb, and I couldn’t be more glad about it. The natural products they use are so good for you and they have such variety that you’ll be guaranteed to find something that works depending on the type of skin you have! Here’s a peak into my daily and/or nightly routines with my favorite products:

  1. As a general face wash, I always start with Philosophy’s Purity one-step cleanser. It’s a light wash with a nice airy smell, perfect for sensitive skin.
  2. Once washing and slightly drying my face, leaving a little bit of dampness – two times out of the week, I then use one out of my two lush facial scrubs I own depending on what my skin feels like it needs more of. I own the Cup O’ Coffee scrub - more of a strong, stimulate scrub for smoothness and deep cleaning of the pores and the “Mask of Magnanimity”- more of smooth, deep-cleansing scrub used for purifying and hydration. Both of these masks are for typically drier skin types, but still work for slightly oily skin giving it a nice purification booster.
  3. Allowing the face mask of choice to stay on my face for the recommended 5-10 minutes, once washing it off and drying my face I then apply a quick layer of witch hazel with a cotton ball. Witch hazel is my all time favorite secret weapon, refreshing my skin and getting any dirt or unwanted oils that weren’t already picked out of my skin.
  4. For day time treatment, I always apply a facial lotion and moisturizer as my final step. An additional idea -- it’s key to find a moisturizer that has a low SPF amount in it. My go-to is Purpose’s multi-purpose facial moisturizer. This can be bought for only $5 at your local drug store, Walmart or Target. Cost efficient and sensitive skin friendly with SPF 10!
  5. For night time treatment, my final step is to apply Clearasil, Daily Clear Vanishing Acne Treatment cream on any pimples or blemishes. I religiously use Clearasil and because of it, any pimples that try to pop up last no more than two days. This too can be found at an local drug stores, Walmart or Target for low cost.

What does Shelby do? The other day at the gym, one of my best friends Shelby and I had an endless discussion about skin issues that have been solved by new things we’ve tried. Her new favorite things right now are trying Lush face scrubs or when she has the time, creating her own out of various natural products. She’s also a proponent of using good moisturizers for trouble spots you may have that reoccur. Due to her huge enthusiasm when discussing skin care, I decided to ask her for a run down of what she considers before investing in certain products:

  1.  So the first important thing is to know your skin type. You don't have to just be oily or dry you can be a combination and that can change for certain times of the month
  2. The next important thing is to know if you have sensitive skin. Then you know if your cleanser can have some type of exfoliates to it because if you do have sensitive skin you should probably just use an exfoliate once a week. If you don't have sensitive skin then you can use it maybe every day or once every two days.
  3. Then once you figure out these two most important things, find a good moisturizer that works whether it's a gel or cream one. Creams probably work better for night time, and gels work better for a daytime when you can put make up on top of them. Always use an eye cream. Anti-aging eye creams are the best even if you don't have wrinkles and ones that have a lot of oils in the ingredients are really good for preventative of dark circles.

Although these skin care tips can be and should be used year-round, it is especially important to take care of your skin in the summer months. During the summer is the best time to let your skin do its thing and embrace it make-up free (unless you’re like that already). All of those beach days and heavy attention from the sun-rays can quickly ruin your skin so always stay on the look out for healthy new products and ideas to keep it hydrated and refreshed! 

                                                         Photo taken by Aja Moore, edited with VSCO preset                                          

Aja is a Junior at VCU studying Political Science. She loves going to brunch, working out, healthy eating and is overly obessed with the Kardashians & her three dogs (Cooper, Bentley and Lulu). You can follow her on Instagram @ajaerinmo!

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