James Tiller '14

Name: James Tiller
Hometown: Charlotte, NC
Relationship Status: Friend-zoned!
Birthday: April 16
Graduation Year: 2014
Major: Biomedical Engineering                     

Plans after Graduating:
Bionics and mountain climbing!
Wearing bundled clothing on cold winter days, giant bean bag chairs, watching football with the guys, and my two dogs,
Bugbears/Pet Peeves:
I don’t like it when girls curse. I also don’t like lies, especially when people say they are going to call you and they don’t.
What is most important to you?
My legs, specifically my right leg because it was supposed to be amputated…but it’s totes not.
The running team, composing classical music, teaching at an elementary school, VIDA (Vanderbilt’s Latin dance team), and mountain climbing.
What are three words, in order of importance, that best describe you?
Fun, funny, friendly.
What characteristics do you look for in a partner?
I want a girl with an A-type personality who laughs at my jokes, corrects me and is willing to come up with date ideas. She has to be a go-getter who is talkative but interested in what I have to say. She should be willing to defend me and let me defend her too. I also want someone who is willing to come to me with her problems. Most importantly, though, she has to smile a lot.
Why James gets the Vandy Campus Cutie stamp of approval:

Come on, ladies. Look at the picture. It’s super cute, and he’s even cuter in person. He also has better moves than Jagger. More importantly, he’s a respectful guy with ambition. He’s sure to brighten your day with his great sense of humor and infectious laugh. So, if you’re ever feeling low, give him a ring. I’ll leave his number below… Well maybe that wouldn’t be a good idea, but you know where to find him. In the meantime, feast your eyes upon this Vandy man’s glorious man beauty.