Prepping Your Feet For The Spring Shoe Switch

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Its almost time to toss the heavy boots and puffy jackets back into the closet and welcome the sunshine with spring pastels and shoes that show a bit more skin.

However with our feet being shoved into thick socks and liners, the little extra height is eventually going to leave you feeling tortured at the end of a night if you don't prepare yourself. Don't worry, it is possible to get used to them -- remember that practice makes perfect!

Here are some tested tips to get you through the night injury-free!

Dont forget the flats. Tuck a pair of your favorite flats or flip flops into your bag (meaning, your going to need a bigger bag). If you're ready to let loose and dance, just switch them quickly and go all out! Otherwise, try to switch on and off throughout the night.

Bandaids are a girl's best friend. Usually the first thing to start to tick your feet off is the constant rubbing in all the wrong areas of your foot. Before you go out, walk around in your heels and feel around for this discomfort. Place a bandaid over any spots the look extra red when you take them off to prevent blisters. Don't forget to stick a few more in your bag in case you need more later.

Catch a slipping heel at the start. If the heel starts to slip while you're walking, you have a couple of options. Corner stores usually carry small foam cushions that line the back of the heel, catching the heel and preventing slipping. Though because some of us have to deal with narrow heels, these pads don't always work. A simple at home trick to try is to gather toilet paper and slightly stuff the toe box of the shoe. This will push your heel back into the shoe and should keep it in place temporarily.

Would you like some cushions with those pumps? At the moment you purchase a pair of heels, you should consider purchasing plenty of cushions and gel pads. Usually there are different kinds that work with your specific needs, so test a few out when you get home.

Wear 'em out! Save yourself the blisters and loosen up the material of the shoe a little by wearing them around the dorm. Give them a go when you're getting ready or cleaning.

When we say change them, we mean it. You're going to feel ten times better the moment you slide that shoe off the curves of your foot. Switch every 2 hours (at most) to save yourself the pain now and any severe foot problems in the future.

Treat your feet. Soak your feet in warm water at the end of the night and relax for a little. Follow up with a foot creme and cover with socks to hold in the moisture. Give them a little TLC at the end of the night!

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