Best Bottoms for Bikes

When the weather is nice biking on campus is one of the best and worst things to happen to the University of Utah. The worst because every five seconds you need to be looking to make sure you don’t accidently walk in between a bike pathway. The best, because its quick exercise in your everyday life and because it gets you around campus 10 times faster. 

But with great weather there are the short skirts and dresses. I don’t know how many times I have been walking on campus and gotten semi-flashed. There is an ideal picture of wearing a cute skirt with your cruiser bike around campus, but the reality is not as pretty as the dream.

Everyone knows what I am talking about so here are some other recommendations, because the short skirts just aren’t cutting it. Childhood flashbacks are all over the stores now, and that means you are dressing to be cute but also playful. 

The romper has made a come back, why not embrace it? It's like the grown up skort!

I can't stop thinking about my own red childhood overalls, but these ones have fortunately been updated. 

So try out some creative alternatives and let me know how you dress to bike!

I am a current journalism student at the University of Utah. I have spent my years in college studying, traveling, and writing. I am a campus writer for the University of Utah and have my own blog Beautiful Detour. If I am not on campus I am hopefully off in another country meeting new people...or lying in my bed under a million blankets watching that day's netflix binge.

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