Eli MacDonald '15

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Class Year: Freshman
Hometown: Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Living: Hayes-Healy
Major: Latin American Studies
Relationship Status: Single

An outgoing rugby player who has a passion for helping others.
Why did you choose USF?
I chose USF because of the city and the McCarthy Institute, which is a service-learning institute that does awesome study abroad trips in South America.
What traits do you look for in a girl?
I look for someone that has a good sense of humor and a love of life.
What are your hobbies/ interests?
I play rugby for USF, but besides that I surf and I'm in a band.
Celebrity crush?
I don’t have one. I think celebrities poison the earth. (laughs)

What do you want to do when you graduate?
I’m planning on going back to Guatemala to do human rights work.
One interesting fact:
I’m going backpacking in the Redwoods for a week by myself during Spring Break and I’m stoked!

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