Best Communication Classes To Take at UNH

As a current senior communication major here at UNH, I've gotten to chance to experience all of the amazing classes UNH has to offer. Trust me, if anyone knows how hard picking classes can be it's me. There are so many options and you want to make sure you are going to like what you are learning.

Here's my advice and recommendations on my favorite 400, 500, and 600/700 comm classes here at UNH! 

CMN 455: Introduction to Media Studies

For a 400 level course, my personal favorite was introduction to media studies. Though you are required to take all 400 level comm classes, this one is the one I found most enjoyable. During this course, you get the chance to learn about the mass media and all of its impacts on society. The topics you learn about are very relevant to the lives we live today considering we are growing up in a time of advanced technology. 

CMN 596: Special Topics/Analysis of Online Identity

Special topics and online identity was one of the most interesting classes I've taken in the communication department. This is mostly because it is taught by one of my favorite professors Nora Draper. Professor Draper knows how to make the content you are learning interesting and she makes everything super easy to understand. In terms of the class content, a lot of what you learn relates to social media which is cool because it's something most people use every single day. 

CMN 567: Gender, Race, and Class in the media 

Gender, Race, and Class in the media is exactly what it sounds like. You get the chance to learn about things like the portrayal of ethnic groups, ideal body image, blue collar men, and gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender groups. It was a class that I always enjoyed going to and would highly reccommend if you are interested in these kinds of topics. 

CMN 698: Seminar Interpersonal Studies

As you begin to take upper-level courses, this is where picking classes becomes more tricky for most people. CMN 698 was another class I took that I loved mostly because of the professor. Renee Heath is a professor that I admire and cannot say enough great things about. She is brilliant and has a great sense of humor which makes her class that much better. The work I did in this class was the most rewarding out of all of my classes here at UNH. She allows you to apply what you are learning to real-life situations and allows you to gain a better sense of what working in an organization will be like when you graduate. I know you are probably thinking "what is interpersonal studies"? In this class, you learn about how organizations work. You learn about things like work and home life balance and how the culture of a company can affect its employees. 

CMN 696: Sem/Popular Music Studies 

Calling all music lovers! If you are someone who loves oldies and is also obsessed with the new songs out on the radio this class is for you. I took this class with professor Terry mostly because I love music and I can honestly say it was exactly what I expected. In this course, you go from talking about things like Beyonce's latest award show performance to how songs can affect and change our moods. If you are into music this is a really cool course to take. 

CMN 772:  Sem/Youth and Media

CMN 772 was my capstone class here at UNH and it is once again taught by Nora Draper. What I liked the most about this class is that the topics you learn about because they are relatable and make you think back to growing up and your childhood. From American Girl Dolls to Twilight and everything you can imagine in between, you will absolutely always be interested and engaged in the topics you are learning in this class. This course gives you the chance to learn about the interaction of communication technologies and society in politics, advertising, and entertainment. 


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