Mike Breen


Year: Sophomore

Major: Elementary Education

Goals after obtaining your degree: My goal after graduation is to be the kind of teacher that my students can relate to.

Status: Married

What is one of your favorite things about your wife (Kelly): My favorite thing about Kelly is she is a very giving person.


Why Missoula: We moved to Missoula to be closer to the University. I like being to walk out, catch the bus, and be right there.

Favorite type of music: My favorite bands are Avenged Sevenfold, Shadows Fall, and pretty much any European Metal. There are too many to list, because music is such a huge part of my life, I listen to different bands for different reasons.

Favorite T.V. show: If I could recommend a TV show to someone, it would have to be “The Walking Dead”. I am confident that I would survive a zombie apocalypse!

What were your thoughts about all the political ads: I was extremely tired of the political commercials. Every time the TV was on, one candidate was bashing another…so obviously, I couldn’t wait for the election to be done so the commercials would go away.

If you could travel to one place where would it be: If I could travel to one place, it would have to be Ireland. I’ve always had a fascination for their culture and music.

The UM has been in the news a lot lately. What would you like to say on behalf of the UM, as a student: The U of M has been in the news a lot for things of the negative nature. The one thing I have to say is not to blame the whole university for the wrong decisions and actions of a few. My experience with the university has been very positive. The staff, professors, and other students have always been very supportive and nice.

Favorite fall activities: When it comes to fall festivities, my favorite is FOOTBALL!!! I try to attend the home games and I love to go out and throw passes with my son.

What is your favorite part of campus: My favorite part of campus would probably be outside of Lomasson, at the tables. There I can hang out and take a break from the day. The people I hang out with are very cool and entertaining, never short for conversation.

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About The Author

I am majoring in Native American Studies with a minor in English. I hope to return to reservations in Washington and Montana to improve education and give the desire to strive for a better life. I enjoy writing (Fiction), reading, hiking, and the ocassional couple hours of Pinterest! :)