Aaron Espara

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Aaron Espara

Age: 21

Major: Criminology

Relationship Status?
A: Taken (2 years & 3 months)

Q: Some of your favorite hobbies or Interest?
A: “Sports!! All types including Martial Arts, Mauy Tai, football, swimming, baseball, all of them really.”

Q: What qualities do you look for in a girl?
A: “A Sarcastic humor. A girl with a good personality that keeps preoccupied and has hobbies. I want a girl in search of (or possesses) an education.

Q: I noticed you have been in a relationship with your girlfriend for quite some time. Any advice for guys in or thinking of getting into a serious relationship?
A: “Hang in there (chuckle), no you get used to it. If you find a person that doesn’t piss you off much, you’re good.  If she’s someone you can always talk to then you should keep her around. She should also be your best friend.”

This Campus Cutie really does know what he is talking about! No wonder he has had such a lasting relationship. Sorry girls maybe next time girls!

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