Blogging: How Sharing Your Interests Can Boost Your Resume

What began as an inspired project for University of Florida graduate Kelly Boudreau has become a full-time passion. Boudreau, 22, began her lifestyle blog, Hello Boudreau, during her final semester at UF last October.
“I started blogging because I needed a creative outlet for all my thoughts and ideas,” Boudreau said in an email interview. “I used to keep a binder full of magazine clippings and scribbles and I knew a blog would help me keep organized.”

In the three months since the birth of her blog, Hello Boudreau has been featured on multiple DIY blogs and tracked over 21,000 visits. People even pay Boudreau to advertise on her blog. Pretty good deal for simply showcasing your passion, right?
The blogging world has experienced rapid growth over recent years, and there is no end in sight to this pastime. A Google search for “blogging platforms” yields over 10 million results. Creating a blog on popular websites such as Tumblr or WordPress takes only about ten minutes, and it’s free.
The best part about blogging is the ability to post with no restrictions. Topics can be about anything, and trust us, a blog exists for every topic imaginable. From adolescents that keep private, diary-like blogs to course professors who use blogs to communicate class assignments and concepts, anyone can utilize the blogosphere.
The ability to blog is also becoming increasingly valuable to employers. Boudreau plans to use her blog to demonstrate her creativity and writing talent. It also aids in learning general computer knowledge including HTML coding. By keeping a blog, a Collegiette ™ can expand her online presence and add to her portfolio for job interviews.
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