Jaden Smith to Speak at EMA IMPACT Summit

Jaden Smith, Actor, Activist, Musician, and investor in JUST Water, has recently announced that he will be attending and speaking at the Environmental Media Association (EMA) IMPACT Summit on March 23-24th at the Montage, Beverly Hills. Not only will Smith be in attendance, but there will also be other entertainment icons, entrepreneurs, and investors who care about our planet’s future and what we can do to promote environmental advancements.

The Environmental Media Association (EMA) is a “Non-Profit 501 (c)3 Organization founded in 1989 to inspire solutions for the environment through our impact in media and pop culture.” One of EMA’s main public figures is Jessica Alba who founded her own company, The Honest Co., and EMA has also been commended for its use of social media and celebrities to endorse sustainable vehicles like the Toyota Prius.

It’s truly inspiring to witness so many different entertainers and activists coming together for two days to discuss to promote environmental sustainability and how we can utilize the media to save our planet. If you’re interested in learning more or if you’re thinking about attending the event, check out the website here

Info and photos courtesy of makeanimpact2017.com/ema2017 and follownews.com



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