DIY floral hair accessories

What’s a better way to welcome the summer than with colorful floral hair accessories?
Check the following steps to make your own!


-fake flowers
-floral wire
-floral tape
-hot glue gun
-twine (optional)

1. Floral crown

>You will start by taking two floral wires and twisting the ends together to make a longer wire.
>Next, you will take that wire and wrap it around your head and twist the ends to make
      the crown base.
>You will want to make sure your crown is a bit loose, so use two of your fingers between your
      head and the crown to create more leeway in the fit.
>Now you are ready to add some flowers! Start by playing around with the placement of the flowers
      & when you are pleased with it, begin to cut the flower from the bunch.
>The flower is attached to a plastic stem which has a wire under the plastic. You can use this wire to
      your advantage by using it to help secure your flower to the crown.
>To make your placement of the flowers more permanent, use the floral tape and a hot glue gun.
>This part is optional: you can add the leaves to your crown too!! Also, to make the crown more
      detailed, and a little less on the plain side, you can wrap twine around the crown a few times.
> I chose to only use four of the purple flowers for the front, since they were big.
      (Seen below) However, you can make a floral crown with flowers all around.

2. Floral headband

> You will start by removing the flowers from the bunch.
>Then with a hot glue gun, secure the flowers around the headband. You can leave the ends
      empty since your hair will cover up that part.
>You should allow your floral headband to dry for at least 30 minutes.

3. Floral hairclip

>Follow the same steps as the floral headband, but this time, instead of a headband you are
      using a hairclip.


The supplies can be found at your local craft store. Happy crafting! (:

Special thanks to my friends for modeling the hair accessories!!

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