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Peggy Klienplatz: Making UOttawa a Little More Sexy

Posted Nov 10 2012 - 12:00am
Tagged With: sex education, uO Celeb


Peggy Klienplatz is a full time sex therapist and a part time professor that revolutionized sex education at the University of Ottawa and many other universities across Canada. She graduated with a BA in Honours Psychology from the University of Ottawa in 1981 and received her PhD in Clinical Psychology in 1987. She then became a registered sex therapist and a part time professor at the University of Ottawa. She pushed the University to allow her to teach a Human Sexual Behaviour class, as she believed the more educated students are about sex, the better. With a lot of persistence, the class was created and is now present in many universities across Canada. Peggy says what motivated her to start teaching this class was to provide a better sex education to university students. She wished to offer a more concurrent style of sex education for the student body, which is not offered in elementary or high school. In Canada, our elementary schools and high schools have an abstinence based sex education program, which means students are taught about the negative impacts sex can have such as STI’s and unwanted pregnancies. Klienplatz on the other hand wants to provide a concurrent sex education option here at the University of Ottawa, one that both explored the pleasures and the dangers of sex. She explains that the more educated the students are, the less likely it is that they will contract an STI or an unwanted pregnancy and the more likely they are to enjoy incredible, pleasurable safe sex.

When she began teaching Human Sexual Behaviour,  the class was only offered at night, so Professor Klienplatz had many adults older than her attending these classes. One of the challenges she had to face as a teacher in such a controversial class was the adult responses. She said that a man once approached her after class and commented that he was surprised that such language could come out of such a small woman. She replied that everyone should be able to talk about sex this freely and that is exactly why she had created that class, so people would become more comfortable with their sexuality. The human sexual behaviour class that Klienplatz essentially created also benefits the university because it is so diverse. Sexual education applies to many fields and even if it does not relate to your Biomechanics degree, it is useful information that you can apply to everyday life. 

Professor Klienplatz said that one of the most common questions she gets from the student body is the ever pressing issue that many males and females are wondering about: does size matter? This is one of the many myths she touches base on in her class.  Here is the good news: size is not the issue, what matters is how you use it she says. I would highly recommend taking a class with Klienplatz, as we are so fortunate here at UOttawa to have a world renowned professor, author and sex therapist on our campus! Remember, the more sex-educated you are, the safer you are! With Klienplatz’s efforts, the Gee Gee has become not only the first horse out of the gate, but also the sexiest !


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